Who are the contributors to the Wiki Ninjas Blog (the official blog of Microsoft TechNet Wiki)? The folks are listed in chronological order. It includes a status of whether they are an employee (MSFT), were an MVP, or MCC, and the date of their first blog post. (If they were an MVP or MCC while they were an author, we will leave that title up, even if the status changes.)

Here’s the list (chronologically ordered):

Ed Price – MSFT (10/30/11)
Peter Geelen – MVP (12/6/11)
Steef-Jan Wiggers – MVP, MCC, Partner (12/10/11)
Horizon Net – MVP (3/29/12)
Margriet Bruggeman – MVP, MCC (5/19/12)
XAML guy/Pete Laker – MVP, MCC, Partner (10/24/12)
Tomoaki Yoshizawa – MVP, MCC (1/4/13)
Sandro Pereira – MVP, MCC, Partner (7/22/13)
Hezequias Vasconcelos – MCC, Partner (8/28/13)
Naomi N – Partner (10/28/13)
Carmelo La Monica (3/2/14)
Alan Nascimento Carlos – MVP, MCC, Partner (3/4/14)
Davut EREN (3/9/14)
Recep YUKSEL – Partner (11/11/14)
Jaliya Udagedara – MVP, MCC, Partner (12/15/14)
Jefferson Castilho – MVP, MCC, Partner (6/8/15)
Saeid Hasani (8/5/15)
Ronen Ariely (aka Pituach) – MVP, MCC (10/29/15)
John Naguib – MVP, MCC (11/8/15)
Emiliano Musso – MVP, MCC (11/13/15)
Chen V – MVP, MCC (11/19/15)
Ken Cenerelli – MVP, MCC (02/24/16)
Erdem Avni Selcuk – MVP, MCC (8/1/16)
Syed Shanu – MVP, MCC (8/3/16)

Kamlesh Kumar (9/16/16)

Daniel Christian (9/19/16)

Saad Mahmood (other profile) – MVP, MCC, Partner (10/17/16)

Santhosh Sivarajan – MVP, MCC, Partner (TBD)
Danish Islam (TBD)
Renato Groffe (TBD)
Waqas (TBD)


We have 31 of them! Wow! Well, we have 27 current authors who’ve published at least one blog post.

And over the last year or two, many of our bloggers became Microsoft MVPs! Congrats go out to Pete Laker, Jefferson Castilho, Ronen Ariely, and John Naguib! And before that, we’ve had other Wiki Ninjas on this list become MVPs, like Horizon Net (Jan), Margriet Bruggeman, Tomoaki, Alan Carlos, Jaliya, Emiliano, Chen V, Ken C, Erdem, Syed, Saad, and Santhosh. (Correct me if you were an MVP before authoring on the Wiki.) And then the other MVPs (Peter Geelen, Steef-Jan, and Sandro) were MVPs long before joining the Wiki. I’m not saying that you become a Microsoft MVP if you’re a Wiki Ninja, but it certainly helps! Especially because these are the MVPs who are blog authors. The list is even longer for those who contributed to the Wiki and became MVPs and aren’t blog authors!

Anyhoo, we’re looking forward to some first posts from the newer members! When they post their first blog post, the date to the right is added, along with a link to their first post!

So a big Thank You goes out to all our Wiki Ninja blog authors! And to our future blog authors, read this:

Wiki Ninjas Blog: How to Become an Author

Thank you all for your community awesomeness!

– Ninja Ed